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Music Scholarship Information

The Adrian College Music Department

Degree Programs in Music . . .


Adrian College is a four year liberal arts institution offering the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees.  Students who wish to study music have a variety of degree tracks to choose from.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (BA) is a traditional four year liberal arts degree with 45 credits in music and another 80 credits of general studies and electives outside of music. This degree is best suited for students who wish to double major in Music and another subject area.  Some of the most popular choices for a second major include:  Business, Marketing, Communications, the Sciences, Mathematics, English, or the Social Sciences.  Students with a BA in Music are able to go on to graduate school in music if they so choose.  For many students, this gives them the opportunity to continue studying the music they love while preparing for a career in another field.  Others see this as an opportunity to bring music and another subject area together -- for example, BA degrees in Music and Business may lead to a career in the music industry.  Others may combine Music and Communications and find a career in music media broadcastring and development.  There are a multitude of combinations that can lead to rewarding careers including music. No audition is required for this degree track.

The Bachelors degree in Music Performance (BM) is a four year degree that focuses specifically on preparing talented students for a career in music performance. This degree requires an audition for acceptance.  Students in this program focus very specifically on developing technique and a knowledge base of performance practices for their area of specialization. The rigorous course work and commitment to applied lesson study prepares students to enter graduate school and continue their training.  Our students have been accepted to major schools and conservatories, including the University of Michigan School of Music, Dance and Theater, and the Cleveland Conservatory of Music.  Most students in this degree track also choose a minor such as Business, Marketing, Theater, or Communications.

The Bachelors degree in Musical Theater (BA) is a four year liberal arts degree with approximately 20 credsits in music, 15 credits in theater and 10 credits in dance.  This degree track requires an audition for acceptance.  Students in Musical Theater are prepared as singers, actors, and dancers with a specific focus on bringing these elements together in stage performance. Students develop audition techniques, character analysis, vocal styles, and technical aspects of theater in order to prepare them for auditions upon graduation.  Students who choose to study Musical Theater are encouraged to take a double major in a field where they may have a second career.  We insist our students be practical and plan their career paths carefully.  Students often consider a second major in Accounting, Business, Communications, Media Arts, and the Social Sciences.

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education (BME) is a four year degree with certification that prepares students to be music teachers in the public school system.  This degree track requires an audition for acceptance.  Students in Music Education take 60 credits in music and 30 credits in Teacher Education.  Students are prepared as musicians and as teachers.  Course work includes courses in education, pedagogy, music methods, piano basics, rehearsal technique, conducting, lesson and curriculum development, teaching philosophy, field experience in local schools, and a semester of student teaching.  Our graduates have an excellent record of employment immediately after graduation and our program is fully certified by both state and national review boards. Because this degree is the equivalent of a Music major plus a Teacher Education minor, most students do not elect to take a second major or minor. Students are welcome to take a second major but need to realize that doing so would result in a five year program of study.

The Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management -Music (BA) is designed for those who have an interest in pursuing a career in music and business.  In particular, this degree is well-suited for students who wish to work in non-profit music organizations in the area of fund raising, marketing, managing talent, and overseeing performance venues.  Students complete 20 credits in music and 25 credits in Business and Communications.  Those who choose this degree often choose a second major in complement:  Accounting, Media Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing, Theater, Communications, or one of the Social Sciences. No audition is required for this degree track.


The Music Minor is open to all students with an interst in furthering their musical talents and experiences.  This degree track does not require an audition. Students take lessons on their primary instrument and participate in studio classes and semester juries. Course work includes theory, aural skills, music history, and participation in music ensembles.